TouIX is a neutral market place dedicated to Internet. The Internet eXchange Point (IXP) of the Midi-Pyrenees region is to create the technical, regulatory and economic conditions for the development of this digital market place. TouIX is one of the 150 European IXP cooperating to exchange their regional data.

TouIX is a neutral market place dedicated to Internet

TouIX’s success stands on an internal dynamics based on the active participation of its members, including through their industrial contribution. This gives TouIX the ability to anticipate and to implement the most advanced Internet technologies in exchange nodes.

This approach which includes the TouSIX R&D project aims at:

  • strengthening the regional capacity as a digital market place by developing new and innovative services with high added value, accessible from all departments of the Region;
  • consolidating the TouIX mesh with neighbouring regional IXPs and position the region among the key players in this field.

The interest of IXPs also lies in their ability to keep intra-regional transaction local (eg contractor / subcontractor relationship). Therefore the risk for these flows to be captured is much lower.  This is especially important in a context of tremendous development of economic intelligence on the Internet.